zebra blinds for windows

Zebra Blinds For Windows

Zebra Blinds For Windows - Are They Worth Your Investment?

Selecting the right zebra blinds for windows is one of the crucial decisions to upgrade your home space. It contributes to interior design and home upgrades with stylish designs and color variations. Not just look and feel, the window coverings can even protect the furniture and other items from getting colorless and older. Control the ventilation from the window spaces and save more on the electricity bills.

Windows play a vital role in any house or office interior design. Treating them with custom window furnishings can make all the difference in the world. Enhance the overall feel and aesthetic of the room to amplify everyone’s experience. Having popular and effective treatments makes the windows highly noticeable and engaging for the spectators. Zebra window coverings are the most versatile option for a variety of rooms ranging from the living room and bedroom spaces. Select from the exclusive options of materials, colors, and styles to make a perfect addition to your place. Keep reading below to know more about zebra blinds and shades and how to find the right one.

Zebra Blinds

Zebra Blinds For Windows - What Are These?

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Zebra blinds combine essential fabrics and sunscreen materials to transform window spaces with elegance and modern styles. The solid strips overlap and block out the sunlight while enhancing privacy levels. Regardless of the room or window spaces, zebra blinds for windows can transition simply from opening to closing in a matter of seconds. Since zebra blinds function in the same manner as roller blinds, you can avail of the exclusive features and benefits. You can even choose between motorized and non-motorized window shades.

The simple design and elegant features of zebra blinds are what make them highly popular among house owners. Get the benefits of streamlined functions, clean visuals, easy operations, and low maintenance with zebra blinds and shades. Further, the window coverings don’t require much space and that makes them highly flexible and adaptable as per the need. Undoubtedly, zebra window furnishings are one of the biggest home renovation products to choose from. Zebra blinds come with an exclusive variety and high-quality materials like PES (Polyethersulfone) and cotton. The premium-class polymer is strong, durable, and safe for you and your family. In addition, the zebra window blinds and shades come with non-toxic, fewer additives, and flame retardant benefits.

We at the Order Blinds online store can customize the alternate stripes with the required color, style, texture, fabric, designs, and more. Also popular as dual blinds, zebra window treatments are popular as modern-day roller blinds. You can even use these as a better alternative to horizontal blinds. Since they have vertical opaque and sheer fabric stripes, the transition from lightning to darkness becomes highly facile. The simple and effective adjustment of the strips is what allows you to control the light and privacy. Overlap the stripes and do not obstruct the view with better brightness and visibility. The simple spacing management between the blind strips can facilitate more privacy and darkness in the room. The material, design, and functioning of the zebra blinds and shades are what make them the most innovative and handy treatment for the space. Custom window coverings are even efficient and beneficial in adding unique style to any room or space.

Unlike traditional window blinds and shades, zebra blinds come with a continuous loop of fabric and style. Right from the top to bottom the custom window coverings are designed to cover up the window space irrespective of the shape and size. While adjusting the window blinds, the stripes tend to roll up and overlap against each other. Roll the blinds and windows to the top for maximum light and visibility. The roller shades can help with the transition from light to dark in just a matter of seconds. Whether you choose cord or cordless lifting, roller blinds or zebra blinds are best suited for efficient usability.

Adding Zebra Blinds & Shades To Your Home Is The Right Decision

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Are you planning to revamp the home decor or redesign the interiors? Choose our zebra blinds for windows to embrace the wild yet appealing vibes in the place. These are the most spectacular and preferred window treatments to upgrade a home interior in the best way possible. Refresh the space in the most cost-effective and friendly manner with zebra window furnishings. Adding zebra blinds to your home windows is going to upscale both style and function aspects. With complete control of the lighting and privacy levels, you can experience the coziest lifestyle and open-concept interiors at your place.

We have been a leading manufacturer and supplier of custom roller shades and zebra blinds. You can install these in multiple spaces like living rooms, dining rooms, and office spaces. The amazing daytime zebra shades can block out the light and promote blackout in the place. You can expect a high level of privacy with additional benefits in terms of features and designs. Although these are not completely blackout shades, you can use them for partial lighting and blackout. Moreover, these blinds and shades are completely compatible with standard sizes and can be customized as well according to the variable windows.

Browse a countless array of colors, designs, textures, and patterns, for zebra blinds to blend in your home or office space. Upgrade your existing home decor levels with high levels of creativity and refreshment in the space. Get the best automation features with zebra blinds and shades with full compatibility and customization. Overall, light filtering shades are a perfect blend of beauty, design, and functionality. The dual, combi and banded blinds are classy styles and design window coverings for modern homes and offices.

Since the majority of the zebra blinds remain cordless, hence you don’t even have to worry about safety concerns. However, you may even go with the cord-based blinds if there are no children or pets in the space. The motorized window treatments are also a worthy option to have enhanced security with just a push of a button. Our aim at Order Blinds online store in Canada is to amplify the innovation and usability of blinds as much as possible. Our experts provide the sleekest, most minimalist, and most aesthetic design that can pop the coring space into another room. Use zebra window blinds to blend in with the space while motivating the additional benefits.

Our zebra blinds for windows are highly versatile and functional in rectangular window design. Although, you can even opt for them if they have the vertical size and shape of the windows. Enjoy day-to-day activities with bright light and complete privacy benefits. Close the tugs and don’t let the neighbors peek inside through the windows. Thus, you can even use the zebra blinds and shades in the bathroom space with diffused light and complete privacy. You can keep an eye outside while you work in your home in other rooms or spaces. Combine the zebra blinds with an array of designs to experience the perfect look and feel from the inside as well as the outside. The array of colors matches the interior decoration to contribute the expected traditional and contemporary designs.

Impressive Benefits Of Zebra Blinds For Windows

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Our custom window zebra blinds and shades come with a sleek design and the capability to control lightning exposure in the place. It is one of the essential features of blinds that makes them ideal for any room or space. All you need to do is to pull them down if need no sunlight and roll them up for more light. The easy-to-operate zebra blinds are also effective to get an uninterrupted outer view with no obstructions. The best part with the zebra blinds is that you can have both light protection and privacy protection in a single shade.

Our Zebra blinds come with sheer strips to provide anti-glare, UV protection, and light filtering benefits. With the overlapping of the stripes, the blinds will facilitate more light through the space. You can save more money on energy bills with the right amount of brightness in the space. You can even get a clear view of the outside with opaque stripes in the Zebra blinds and shades. Simply put, you can experience worthwhile privacy and lighting management with window furnishings. These are also suitable for the nighttime, movie experience, or any time when you need less light in the place. As you spaced out the opaque zebra blinds, it won’t be a straight view of the interior spaces and make the room/place darker

3. Fabric Options & Child Safety

There is no shortage of fabric options when it comes to choosing zebra blinds for windows. We bring an extensive choice of colors and design varieties with custom window blinds and shades. Whatever your design and aesthetic taste, order blinds online from stores in Canada that can match the perfect blind and shades as per your need. You can go with a bold, bright, or neutral color with room darkening and light filtering shades. Overall, the zebra window furnishings promote easy coordination with the home interior design and decorations.

Zebra custom window coverings come with PES material that makes them long-lasting for homes. It blends in with the installation and allows easy rolling and operations in the window spaces. So, not just for controlling light and privacy, the zebra blinds are even useful for streamlined performance and seamless operations. In simple words, you can roll them or pull them down as per the requirement.

Moreover, the fabric material of the zebra window furnishings is also easier to clean and maintain as compared to the other options. You just need to dust them off or clean them once a week to maintain their brand-new appeal. Even if there are stains, use a damp cloth to clean them. Thus, the proper use and maintenance of the zebra window treatments can make your one-time investment worthwhile. It is going to last for years with no maintenance or extra expenses.

Child Safety with cordless lifting is another useful feature and benefit of the zebra shades. While corded blinds can be dangerous to children and pets, cordless ones are highly safe and beneficial. You even have the option of motorized roller or zebra blinds to control via remote. It makes them perfect and reliable for playrooms, kids’ rooms, and other careful zones in the space.

2. Versatile Design

Our zebra blinds for windows come with extended versatility to match and fit with the interior decoration. The minimalist design and clean lines make them a perfect fit if you’re a fan of contemporary design windows. The soft and quality fabric materials are what fulfill the expectation of traditional and classic decoration. There is no shortage when it comes to versatility in zebra blinds and shades design. You can customize plenty of designs, colors, schemes, patterns, styles, and more. So, however, in your room space, you can always find the ideal zebra blinds and shades to cater to your expectations.

You can install and use these zebra blinds in any room as per your need. The modern-day styles or the classic vintage look, zebra blinds serve the dual purpose of design and functionality benefits. The window treatments can fulfill the end goal of achieving the most classy and appealing spaces without compromising quality or features.

4. Interior Decor & Protection

We understand your home’s importance and make sure it deserves the best window blinds and shades. Our zebra blinds and shades come with high durability that is going to last for a lifetime. Not just the window blind, you can even protect the interior paints, furniture, and other decoration items from restricted harmful sunlight rays. Gone are the days when constant light exposure was used to discolor or fade the home interiors and furniture.

Opt for our zebra window treatments that save carpets, photos, wallpaper, paints, and other items from damage. Closed zebra blinds can restrict 99.9% of harmful UV rays and harsh sunlight. If you also think that the window shades can cut down the electricity or power bills, our zebra shades can fit right in the scenario.

We provide the complete energy-efficient and cost-effective window furnishings for your space. Install the coverings on your windows and start visualizing the savings on the overall power bills. Use the zebra blinds on summer days to avoid the heat in your spaces. However, in winter, it stores the warm heat and restricts the cold from entering. Our custom window zebra blinds can offer double-layer insulation on the other window treatments.

5. Added Privacy Control

Are you worried about the prying eyes in your room or home? Our zebra blinds for windows solve the problem with added privacy benefits in the space. The sheer layer and stripes can allow a single view from inside, but not vice versa. Outer people have no chance to check out inside if you have zebra blinds and shade coverings on windows. These work in the daytime as well and can offer much-anticipated peace and calmness in your room. You only need to close them to gain daytime privacy in your room.

As mentioned earlier, we provide opaque and sheer stripes in premium-class zebra blinds. Shop the best colors and fabric options from Order Blinds online store in Canada to give worthy treatment to windows that they deserve. The light filtering and privacy ability of the custom blinds and shades allow a quick transition from lightning to darkness without any hassle. You can even adjust the amount of light entering from the window shades and opaque stripes.

Are You Ready To Shop Zebra Blinds For Windows?

Order Blinds online store is a one-stop destination for shopping a huge range of zebra blinds for windows. These are handy for a wide range of commercial areas as well as homes. If you dream of modern-day designs or customary appeal, our window blinds, and shades are a perfect choice. The easy operation and handy installation of the custom window treatments are what make them a reliable option. All you need to pull the cord or roll the blind to achieve sufficient light or darkness.

Zebra blinds can be adjusted to frame into alternate stripes for natural exposure to sunlight. The opaque fabrics make it highly facile to intake air and brightness in the space. You can facilitate complete privacy with the help of custom rollers and zebra blinds. The cordless lifting of window furnishings ensures seamless operations and control for uninterrupted vision. Order Blinds online store have ready-to-fit and customized window treatments to pep up your home space. Instead of struggling to find high-quality blinds, shades, and shutters, find them easily in our shop.

So, what are you waiting for, to achieve your aesthetic interests with matching window furnishings? Include modern functional features, and sleek design accessories, with impeccable decoration in no time. Uplift your home decor and style statement with the wide range of Zebra blinds and shades collection. Discuss your requirements with us and let our experts suggest some of the best window coverings that you deserve.

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