Installing Zebra Blinds Canada

Installing Zebra Blinds

Installing Zebra Blinds

Zebra Shade Install

Step 1

If you’re fitting the blind outside the window recess ensure that measurement C in the diagram below is the same to ensure even window coverage.

If you’re fitting the blind inside the recess you can top fix the brackets to the lintel or face fix the brackets to the window frame.

Installing Blind

Step 2 (option) – If Top Fixing

If you’re fixing the bracket to the underside of the window recess, measure and mark the distance (D), allowing for obstructions like handles that protrude into the recess area. Hold each bracket in place and mark the hole positions. Drill a suitable hole and fit each bracket using suitable screws. Please ensure fixings are suitable for the wall/ surface to which you are mounting the brackets. If you have any questions about this please contact us.

Installing Blinds

Step 2 (option) – If Face Fixing

If your fixing the bracket to the face of the wall, or the window frame, hold each bracket in place and mark the hole positions with a pencil. Drill a suitable hole and fit each bracket using suitable screws. Please ensure fixings are suitable for the wall/ surface to which you are mounting the brackets.

Installing Blinds

Step 3

Next, holding the fully-wound blind, insert the idle pin end into the bracket as shown

Installing Blinds

Step 4

With the Idle pin end now in place. Insert the control end into the opposite bracket by depressing the pin end. Then, pull down vertically until the control end clicks into position.

Installing Blinds

Step 5 – Safety Device

The safety device must be installed at the maximum distance possible from the control mechanism to prevent looped chain becoming slack. The chain should be taut. Place the safety device on the wall and mark the positioning of the 2 screw holes, then drill two suitable holes.

Installing Blinds

Step 5 -Safety Device

Screw the safety device securely to the wall.
This is required by law on every blind


Your new blinds is maintenance free, however we recommend that regular visual checks are completed to ensure that no components have been damaged, which could result in operating difficulties and/or cause a safety risk. Installing Zebra Blinds.